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We provide mediation for family law cases including property division,child support and child custody in a respectful, culturally sensitive and caring environment. It is our practice to request proposals for parenting plans, child support and division of assets and liabilities from each party prior to the mediation to allow for adequate preparation prior to the meeting. We do shuttle mediation (each party in a different room) unless requested to do otherwise. Our clients settle in mediation almost all the time.

Our estate planning practice begins with a discussion of the client's goals in drafting wills and trusts with consideration of the impact on the survivors and tax implications of the approach the client wishes to take. We also discuss powers of attorney and directives to physicians (advance directives) to achieve a secure and well planned future. Our services take into consideration any cultural norms that need to be addressed as well as potential pitfalls related to specific family issues and gifts.

Prenuptial agreements, unmarried couple agreements and post nuptial agreements are addressed with the very specific issues and assets of each case. What works well for one couple may not be appropriate for another. Our services make sure that each prenuptial agreement, unmarried couple agreement or post nuptial agreement takes into consideration the lifestyle of the parties and their financial goals as well as the assets and debts. There is no one size fits all for these agreements.

At this time I work with two young and highly competent attorneys to provide the divorce, parenting plan and parentage services.

Our Areas of Practice

Family Mediation

We mediate with respect for the positions of each party and the goal of assisting both parties to achieve resolution and agreement on the case.
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Wills & Trusts

We assist clients to express their desires and we assure that their needs and wishes are appropriately framed and legally viable.
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Family Law

Our clients can expect legal help that is customized to their unique family constellation within the boundaries of Washington State law.
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See what others have to say about us

She is a terrific lawyer. My case was a mess. I tried to represent myself and was completely confused. After my first session with Helene, I felt like I understood the basics of what the issues were the court could look at and what the law was. She was very responsive to my many phone calls and kept me well informed at every stage of the process. I am so grateful and my kids are in much better shape because of the advice she gave me and the outcomes she won in court. We even settled the case, even though my husband and I fought about everything in the beginning.

Divorce & Custody Client

Helene has been representing our family for years and is the best family law attorney I have ever worked with. She helped us with custody issues that ensured the safety and security of my two young nephews. If she hadn't been there for us these loving brothers likely would have been separated and placed into the instable homes of their irresponsible fathers.

Child Custody Client

Family court is a horrible place to end up on the best of days. Helene always had honest answers, never sugar-coated anything, and is a 'good hand in a storm'! I hope I never need a lawyer again, but if I do, she will be my first choice.

Family Law Client

Extremely competent, dependable, knowledgable. The case started out simple. Opposing counsel then started to use less than professional tactics...Helene responded with accuracy and professionalism. The outcome of the divorce was more favorable than I could have anticipated.

Divorce Client

Helene helped me with two custody cases and she might not always tell you what you want to hear. That is what lawyers are supposed to do. They are supposed to tell you what the other side's argument will be and what you need to do to win. She always had the children's best interest as the number one priority. She is a child advocate and judges definitely respond to that. We won both times hands down.

Child Custody Client

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